Aziz left in the memories

This collection is a personal story. I took these photos from my grandmother. I called my grandmother “Aziz” (means dearly). Aziz has lost her husband in young age and raised her eight children in a new and strange city.

One of five Aziz’s boys (Muhammad) was a soldier and he went to Iran-Iraq war and never come back home. He was among the soldiers who had missing in action (MIA) and left no traces of them. Many years after the war, Aziz was still waiting for the return of his son, and with any ringing on the phone or door she saying that “Mohammad came”!

Aziz has suffered from Alzheimer’s in the last years of her life and remembered only the name and remembrance of Muhammad among all her children and grandchildren. Twenty years after the war Muhammad’s dog tag was found but Aziz did not believe it and remained in memoirs of his past with Mohammed.

Aziz lived with us during the Alzheimer’s time, but she lived almost in timeless and placeless.

It was as if Aziz had given Alzheimer’s self-help to forget her child’s separation. In this collection, I’ve taken photos of Aziz and I have montaged them with photos from her family album. I have tried to know Aziz’s timeless and placeless mind that is constantly looking for Mohammed.